pieter stathis, csc -- cinematographer


I have travelled extensively and shot dramatic films and TV series, commercials and documentaries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific.

I have 20 years of experience lighting and shooting on all film and digital acquisition formats from Super-8mm to Anamorphic, Arriflex, Moviecam, Arricam, Panaflex, BetaSP, Digi-Beta, DVCPro, Varicam, P2, Sony HD,  Viper, Genesis, F-35, ALEXA, RED ONE and EPIC.

In-house, I offer two distinct yet compatible options for production camera packages -- several RED EPIC cameras for larger dramatic productions and Nikon D800 cameras with Nikon G zooms for smaller shoots, additional cameras, and time-lapse photography.

Industry-leading optics and resolution are breath-taking on both camera systems and my RED EPIC cameras come with standard cine PL mounts as well as Nikon mounts to allow cross-capability with all lenses.

My lenses are optimized for modern digital sensors:

ARRI LDS Ultra Primes 16,20,24,32,40,50,65,85,100,135mm

ARRI Alura studio zooms 18-80mm and 45-250mm

Angenieux Optimo lightweight zooms 16-42mm, 30-80mm

Nikon 200mm and Canon 400mm PL telephoto lenses

Duclos 11-16mm wide zoom

Nikon G series zooms 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm

My industry-standard support equipment includes:

Arri FF-4 follow focus, Arri MB-18 and LMB-15 matteboxes

Preston FIZ and Bartech remote focus units

4x5.6” production filters - extensive inventory

O’Connor 2575 and 1030 heads and Ronfor-Baker tripods

Flanders-Scientific 1080p 21” field monitors

I come fully equipped with a PRO STEADICAM package with all necessary brackets, cables and accessories to operate all film and digital cameras currently in production. I have two 3-channel Preston FIZ remote systems complete with all accessories, cables and brackets.

If required for your production, I can provide a 5-ton lighting/grip truck with HMI, tungsten and LED fixtures and standard grip support equipment.

I will assemble an enthusiastic and experienced technical crew for your production regardless of your budget level.

I have solid contacts with equipment rental houses throughout Canada, USA, UK, and Australia/New Zealand and a positive attitude when it comes to getting your production shot.

I hold full membership in Canada’s IATSE 669 camera union.

I maintain dual passports and citizenship for Canada and Europe.

Check out my DVD demo reel -- and let's make a movie!


Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator

001-604-838-FILM (3456)




International awards for cinematography

35mm/HD/RED experienced

RED EPIC owner/operator

Nikon D800 owner/operator

PRO steadicam owner/operator

Dual Euro-Canadian passport holder